Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yet Another Snow Day

It snowed 19 inches three days ago. I was finally motivated to take Ada out to play in it today (thanks to Kyle's enthusiasm and a borrowed snowsuit). Kyle was jealously watching two 8-year-old boys having a snow fight with their mom (remind me to be a fun mom like that when the time comes). Kyle might have been that creepy guy who throws a snowball, hitting a stranger kid square in the back and then walking it off non-chalantly like nothing had happened.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ada's Book of First Words

It took blood, sweat and tears to make this thing and I of course conveniently left it at my parent's house so Ada didn't even have a single present from her parents to open on Christmas (not that she knows enough to care, it's just sad in a rhetorical sense).
I got the idea from my friend Liz. Mine obviously doesn't look perfect, but Ada still loves it. It's so much more fun to see your ball instead of some generic one, the park you actually play at, your favorite stuffed animal, etc, etc. Yoko even makes an appearance. And with Ada being a city babe and all, I even included a subway train and a taxi.

Monday, January 24, 2011

In The Winter, It Was Cold

It was 6 degrees this morning. And please remember that 6 degrees is pretty dang cold when you have to walk everywhere (for those of you with no sympathy). I'm over winter. The actual cold hasn't been so horrible, it's just all of the bundling (X 2) and unbundling (X 2). Repeat.

From today:

We'll pretend that this was taken during today's Natural History Museum trip. The Maori head isn't real. There was some confusion about that.

At Shake Shack. I don't think Jacob looks demonic--just insanely happy.

A seemingly great indoor activity until you glance over and realize there's a gallon of water all of your kid, cabinets and kitchen floor. I try to ignore the giant waste of water this activity entails (though I've seen that Dirty Jobs and EVERYTHING gets recycled).

Ada is water-obsessed.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is Brilliant

Ada spent 30 minutes with this puzzle today. 30 minutes!!!!!!!! It says for 3 and up, but Ada figured out most of the latches within a couple of minutes. A toy she'll be able to enjoy now as well as grow into (my requirement for buying anything).

Way to go Melissa and Doug.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Just some random, completely unrelated things.

Nathan trying to keep both girls (Ada & Norah) entertained during our bi-yearly visit with the Bowen clan.

Ada is a bit of a climber as evidenced (not the greatest picture however). She is still busy busy busy. Anything she can get in to, she will get in to. She is definitely her own creature with strong opinions--she likes things a particular way. Our little engineer loves to figure out how things work, whether it be doors, drawers, keys, every electronic device in our apartment, especially my iPhone (which she can already use herself), puzzles, etc. She has spent countless hours lately trying to diaper and dress her "puppy", getting her boots on all by herself (she is so determined and it leads to a lot of frustration. Stupid boots), seeing how much of her animal collection will fit in said boots.

This video is for Jessie--who is one of the 3 people who find it hilarious. I thought it was my crowning jewel from our trip to Idaho but everyone I've shown it to just doesn't get it (and all the humor is gone when you have to explain). Disappointing.

Shake face!!! Matt and Buffy introduced me to this when they came to visit earlier this month (and we maybe spent hours one night taking pictures of each other. I love friends like that). Why have I never heard of this? Here's Buffy's best....

And Kyle's. I'm so sad I have freakishly tight face skin. Not conducive to shake face.

I think with a few more practice rounds Kyle will be a pro.
And finally, speaking of Kyle, I liked his most recent blog post. We are 80 (and I've loved Antiques Roadshow since I was ten).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pop-Up Park

First of all--that top picture of Ada is gorgeous.
Second, how fun that this space is indoors?! A nice little oasis in the bleakness of NYC winter.
I just wish it were closer. And open longer.
More info here.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 Baby Products I Couldn't Live Without

After almost a year and a half, I feel like I can legitimately share my opinion on this. These are the 6 products I couldn't/wouldn't live without (besides the Ergo of course. That's just kind of a given).
Really--They would all be replaced within the day.

No spoon, no spills. Brilliant! Ada has survived on these things. Just wish they'd do all-vegetable flavors.

This might be my #1. The only thing Ada can't tip over during mealtime (Boon Catch Bowl w/ suction cup).

Keeps liquids cold all day. Easy to clean. Still holding up after 6+ months (from Thermos).

Good for everything--rashes (including diaper), chapped face/lips, dry skin, bumps and bruises.
White noise machine--duh.

RaZbaby silicone toothbrush. Bristles never get hard, easy to disinfect.

You are welcome people.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kazoo AND Harmonica (we must be crazy)

These videos were taken 30 minutes apart from each other. She's so proud of herself in the second video. She's been messing with that harmonica for months and now finally, SUCCESS!!

It's so awesome what you find impressive as a parent (or maybe just a mom. Kyle never seems as impressed with stuff as I am). I was basically a blur as I raced to grab my camera.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ada only has boy cousins. This is what that means.

Also, I love this picture of Ada with her dad (she put that hat on herself).

So much for the obligatory New Year post. I'm guessing the upcoming year will feature many more tantrums.