Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Ada is finally trustworthy enough on this thing to be taken to the streets (especially the east side of Central Park West--very few through streets). Child has FINALLY learned how to listen and she actually responds when I yell "STOP"!  Plus following general rules of stopping before the street and waiting for me and not zipping way ahead. This is a big day. Especially when life and limb are at stake. (And yes--I do realize she is a full year-and-a-half older than most kids who get this concept. But this is the child who just stopped bolting 6 months ago).

Case in point. Look at her following directions. It's sad how proud this makes me. Like, it's my first big validation as a mother--she finally listens! And she's obedient (most of the time)! And compliant (sometimes)! And polite (more often than not)!  Something is finally sinking in!  My little beast.

Ada's favorite part of Central Park is all of the rock formations. Crazy to think that each and every one of them was thoughtfully hand-placed. There is an awesome segment in this NYC doc on the creation and building of the park. Fascinating stuff I tell you.

Her "camera face" :  Little hands in pockets. Get's me every time. Seriously--if you want me to think your kid is cute, have them do this around me.

Someday there will be beautiful green leaves on those trees and I might have to recreate this picture.

My Poor Sad Boy

(nina! i took these with my speedlite in the dark early morning. can you tell?)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Joseph's Turn

My unrealistically happy and content Joseph has recently been replaced by a real baby (thanks to molars and the clumsy frustrations of early walking). It's not that he's SO awful to be around or anything, I just have this (hopefully unfounded) fear that I'll never see that other Joseph again.  Come back please? I promise to never take you for granted.

little bum.

Lots of this face.

and this.

little feet.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I just love her...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Playground

This is one of the many great little playgrounds within a 10 block radius of our apartment (broaden that to 20 blocks and there are more than a dozen). Most of them are new and beautiful.  Some are even designed by famous architects. One of the many many many reasons to love NYC (and specifically our neighborhood. Riverside Park just two short avenues away and Central Park almost as close. It really can't be beat).

I avoided this particular playground for awhile. Imagine the sheer terror of turning your back for one second and seeing your not-even-2-year-old scaling this thing. Successfully I might add.  Still an instant heart attack though.

plus that slide.

AND that 20 foot ladder leading to the top. Oy vey. You can see why it was avoided. No one has ever been able to tell Ada she isn't physically capable of doing something.

I thought I was being so clever with the shot on the left and then a shower of sand from her boots rained all over/into my open eyes.

Friday, February 15, 2013


It was beautiful outside yesterday (and today is even nicer--but thanks to a nasty stomach bug I haven't been out AT ALL.  A big thank you to Joseph for being in a delightful mood and contently playing by himself the entire day. And an even bigger thank you to a true/great/real/amazing/good friend who happily picked Ada up from preschool and is watching her until Kyle can grab her).
Back to yesterday. We wandered around a lovely, albeit frozen, section of Central Park that's closest to our apartment before we landed at the playground.

Please no pictures! I ruin everything--just ask Kyle.

little bridge. countless muddy sticks were thrown in.

this is how we roll.

poor, beautiful stroller-bound second child.

gumby legs.

"I'm busy watching the ducks, mommy."

A few ada-isms lately:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Ada: No one's there!

"I'm a baby horse. Eating hay makes my bum grow bigger."

"My crotch has a face". (I have NOOOOO idea on this one people).

And this one I probably shouldn't share because it looks like I'm giving Ada body image issues. But truly--this is completely and totally innocent and had nothing to do with anything I'd ever told her. Pretty sure it's just based on her extreme need to copy EVERYTHING (even my chest--which I would never use the word "big" to describe).

She started crying one morning (tears and everything), because she wanted her "boobies to be big. I don't want wittle ones!". 

Everyday she asks me "are they growing? are they big now like yours?" (oh little child. All in good time)

haha. Kids say the damndest things.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day

NYC was magical today. Get ready for a crap load of sledding pics...

Ada and May

double snow angels

The (very small) sledding "hill" in Riverside Park

They thought they were so hard core--you should have heard the screaming (video to come)

view of the Hudson River

with the daddies

pretty (and warm) Leann. Fresh from the baby shower we had just thrown for her.

suicide Ada. No fear that child.

little besties

I love this shot. One of my recent favorites for sure.

these too

I told you. How was that for self-indulgent?

And here's a little video I made on Vine on our way to the park (that app has so many bugs I'm going to be sick of it before they even work them out. Imagine this video looping over and over again. Makes it a thousand times better).