Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Week

The beach (takeaway--not the biggest fan of Connecticut beaches): 

Gorgeous Jen

Jen and Blake

The Conservatory Gardens on an early early early early early morning:

Oh hey Joseph--nice of you to join us on this here blog.

that fountain.

that child.

And now for some flower p*rn: 

Washington Square Park this morning.

Going for it.

Ada and Eliot

Getting REALLy wet : Those are the shoulders of a future Michael Phelps.

Too bad about that guy.

My funny, squinty girl:  wild little friends.

I love this picture way too much.
so.....close up:

(don't hate me!) 

Monday, August 26, 2013

This Afternoon

I've been trying a new discipline approach to deal with Ada's excessive yelling (and I have to say, 5 days in and there's been an 85% improvement. Hoping this will trickle down to Joseph as well. 2 kids yelling at you all day with the same inflection/tone gets tiresome). As a reward she got to pick out any toy she wanted. Butterfly nets and Central Park go pretty well together...

Stalking some non-existant butterflies.

Oh Joseph.

Hug break.

Magic slinky tricks.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today Plus a Few Ada-isms

(I hate it when my crappy instagram pics turn out better than my DSLR)
Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge this afternoon in the pouring rain. It was an adventure! 

MTA Transit Museum. Train car from 1906.

And a few things Ada has said lately that I've been meaning to write down:

"I don't like the color black". Glancing over at Gunner (who is a black lab), "except for Gunner. I love his black hair." She then proceeded to run over to pet him just to make sure his feelings weren't hurt.  What the what?!

"My boobs are perfect. Yours are terrible."

"Me, Daddy and Joseph are on the small boob team and you're on the big boob team". Thanks Ada!

Her version of "I am a Child of God":
"Has given me an earthly home with all kinds of dinosaur beards."

Her:  I don't want to see you naked.
Me: Why?
Her: Because your bum is too big for me to see.

And the very best thing she has said to date, that I feel like I need to keep sort of ambiguous because Kyle might be embarrassed (not that he needs to be. He's completely "normal"). Let's just say it involved Ada wanting to look at a certain body part of his because "It looks so funny and I feel like laughing this morning."

From the mouths of babes, people. From the mouths of babes...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Other Things

From last week. Nothing substantial. A jaunt through Central Park:

Awkward crowned king.

Rock climbing.

I die.

bright bright sun.

scum pond


And yet another carousel. This time at Bryant Park.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Governors Island Summer 2013

"Fete Paradiso will transport adults and children to a charming Parisian street fair of a bygone era," said Francis Staub. "Until now, this collection has remained in France, and I am thrilled that New Yorkers and visitors from around the world will now be able to enjoy this celebration of extremely rare and precious carousels and carnival rides. While this collection is historically important, visitors will have the extraordinary opportunity to enjoy and interact with the amusements just as others did a century ago."

Incredible is an understatement. This was my favorite day of the summer (and it's been a spectacular summer).  I have never grinned so hard or so much, especially whilst riding the man-powered bicycle ride. The entire day was pure magic. There will probably be some more pictures at some point. Thanks to Henry and Ariel snapping away.

She had to fold up those long legs of hers to fit into that car. Barely made it.

her cotton candy always matches her eyes.

have you ever seen a happier child? I think not.

You could spend 2 days out here:

Tree houses

Igloos made of water bottles.

Strange holly hobby-type mini golf courses.

Scooting around the island to these spectacular views.

Complete with beach! And all 5 minutes away from Manhattan via ferry.

I'm hoping to make it back later in September. Maybe I'll even bring Joseph and Kyle.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

5 Pointz and MoMA PS1

We headed back out to Long Island City with Erinn and Eliot yesterday (sans babies) to check out 5 Pointz since it's going to be torn down in a few months. Graffiti mecca of the world. And we subjected our kids to way too many pictures in front of way too many walls. See below: 

And then we finally made it to the Party Wall at MoMA PS1.


The wall comes apart and makes seating and little skateboards (that's how I got Ada excited about coming).

Eliot is one of the only kids we know that has the same energy level as Ada. They have FUN (most of the time).

those saggy blue balls are supposed to mist water. Weird design choice.

And then back to here: