Thursday, October 31, 2013

Central Park

The trees in Central Park hit their peak seemingly overnight. Our walk this morning...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Rest of This Week

At the ward party last night. Photo by Joshua Brown.

Tunnels on our way to the MET for story time. Which was a disaster. He's still too young.

petting the three bears.

I did find this book there though:

I've been trying to track down a copy of it all week. It's a book about ADA! A little girl who lives in the city and visits her grandmother in the country and all about what she wants to experience in-between. Gave me chills. And obviously--it's beautifully illustrated.

Another one from the Botanical Gardens.

Friday, October 25, 2013

New York Botanical Garden

We went for the Halloween and pumpkin festivities, but honestly, I was more taken with the OCD awesomeness of the Japanese Garden they have on exhibit right now. So orderly!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Rest of This Week (from my phone)

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

snack break.

climbing. she's distressed in this pic.

I am still chuckling over Ada's contribution.

Joseph was dressed like this (which I think is a pretty standard boy uniform--converse, jeans, navy blue sweater) and he got called a girl twice. Both times, after realizing their mistake, they asked if we were Swedish. Is that a compliment?

A couple of Ada-isms because she was on fire this week:

Looking at her armpit:  "But how come I don't even have a beard in there? Why doesn't it look like yours?" (I guess I need to re-evaluate my shaving schedule).

On our way to the store: "don't forget the fried boogers!!!"

We rode the Subway with one of the two Eliots that she knows:  "That's the other kind of Eliot".

"Holy Poop!"

We were playing a game where we have to describe someone in the room and the other person has to guess who it is. Her synopsis of me:
"She always wears a grey shirt. She loves to take pictures. And she always makes me go to bed". Yep. That's pretty accurate.

little miss long legs.

Pointing out Gunners (Joseph still calls all dogs that).


A show at the New Victory Theater with May on Saturday. Broadway just for kids. I love NYC. 

Columbus Circle Fountain.

making funny faces at me on the crowded train.

My favorite pic from this week. Our friend Josh at a party in Long Island City last night.

Stopping to see today's Banksy on our way to church. I was so rushed I did a terrible crop job and missed out on the red bell. See the full pic here.  Afterwards, we walked down Amsterdam and saw the Dalai Lama slip into the back entrance of the Beacon Theater. That would have been a hot ticket.

Friday, October 18, 2013

We Played Hooky

Yesterday, Ada and I ditched Joseph, grabbed our scooters and headed down to the Swedish Cottage for a marionette show in Central Park.  It was Hansel and Gretel do Halloween and I think it would have been too scary for a more sensitive child (so beware). Afterwards we ran through the Shakespeare Garden:

Her favorite flower.

Naughty girl.

The view from the top of Belvedere Castle.

Ada at the top:  And then down below enjoying her waffle a little bit too much.

And then a swing for both of us in the Pinetum. Such a perfect fall day.