Friday, December 27, 2013

Forget all that other crap! Finding this at the local grocery store was the actual biggest highlight of our trip. I've had one every day. Just as it should be.

California Highlights, so far

The charmingness of this baby and the 70 degree weather that welcomed us to CA (suck it NYC).

Case in point

The dog and house we are watching. We were told it was a corgi. Ummmm...

Ada in her hotdog costume Christmas morning. It's the only thing she wanted and I've never seen anyone happier.

Ada in a hotdog costume shooting a nerf gun. (Real pic coming soon).

Ada in a hotdog costume playing tag football with her dad, grandpa, uncle and cousin. (Real pic coming soon). This might be the best moment of my entire motherhood up to this point.

Ada in full gear at the Discovery Science Museum in Sacramento. She never does anything half-a$$ed.

And the ultimate highlight--not seeing Ada for an entire week because she's too busy playing with cousins.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Peace Tree at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Why didn't I think of decorating our tree with paper cranes? Probably because it would have taken a lit bit of effort but it would truly be unbreakable.  Next year...

Bubble bath:

Not very impressed with his "bubble beard".

We're off to CA. Wish us luck in finding the cheesiest mall Santa!

Monday, December 16, 2013

It Snowed

Ada's consolation prize for shopping with me Saturday morning was a tromp through Central Park. But since it was so dang cold we opted for a quick jaunt around the Columbus Circle Fountain instead. So here's a bunch of pictures of Ada in the snow, eating snow. Off the ground. In New York City. Not gross at all.

Eating snow off of giant red snails. Not weird at all.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Grand Central

Ada and I headed to the train show at Grand Central yesterday morning. It's a tradition: us going AND me getting a crappy picture of it:

Afterwards, we grabbed a Grand Central Station scavenger hunt map and tried to weave our way through the crowds. Mostly successfully.

These guys were incredible. Incredible!! We even gave them a whole dollar.

Playdough later that afternoon.  I've had kids for over 4 years and it still stresses me out when the colors get mixed.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Festivus Minimus

Everyone always talks about how magical Christmas is with little kids. Well, for me, little kids are the REASON I don't like Christmas. For example, first attempt at doing something festive this year was a 5 minute jaunt around the corner (literally, right around the corner) to pick out a little tree. Joseph screamed the whole time for no reason. In true toddler form  So I'm going to apologize for the bad attitude I'll likely have the rest of December. I should also probably apologize for Ada who is already on the verge of figuring out that Santa isn't real. I'm sorry if she ruins Christmas for all of your kids. But I have been fielding questions like this all month (I've always downplayed Santa and am pretty dismayed that I'm having to tell such in-depth lies to my kid):  "So...can Santa actually be real?  I mean...what does he do the rest of the year?  It doesn't really make that much sense to me".  From a 4 year old!! What am I supposed to do?  One kids hates Christmas, the other one is too skeptical/perceptive.

Heading out.

That's the one.

 Between the wailings.

Their perfect proportion next to that little tree makes them look like real people. I die.

We realized that the only ornaments we have that aren't breakable (this was after Joseph broke an ornament that my Great Grandmother had given me. The only thing I still had from her), were some ones from my childhood when my mom did an ornament purge a few years ago. For some reason she didn't want to hang on to these beauties?

We stopped at Michael's today after school so Ada could pick out a few more hideous plastic ornaments. She picked out some random letters and then came home and hung them up like this:

Funny story about "nonbreakable ornaments". All of the kids were crowding around friend Erinn's tree admiring it. I told Joseph not to touch anything and Erinn says "Don't worry. Nothing is breakable".  2 seconds later, glass bulb shattered on the ground, plus a giant glob of wet paint all over (she'd put it inside all of the bulbs for a  "marble" effect).  I've been laughing all week.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Crocheting Master

When Jessie gave me this scarf (in SLC. Me sans kids and husband. For 4 whole days! It was wonderful. I slept in every morning, watched lots of movies, ate out for every meal. Can you tell how sentimental we are about Thanksgiving?), I promised her I'd get some pics of Ada wearing it.  She posted a free tutorial on her blog here.  I told Ada we were taking pictures for Jessie and she was unusually cooperative. I had to take full advantage.

And then one of Joseph for good measure. Mostly because he didn't hate me when I got back.

Kyle ended up being a way better stay-at-home parent than me :(  
The apartment was spotless, the kids were bathed, fed (Kyle claims that Joseph actually ate food while I was gone!!), and happy. There was even a hot meal ready for me when I got home late Sunday night.   I realized my ultimate failure after the kids slept in until past 7am the last two mornings. Kyle achieved in 4 days, what I've been trying to do for the past 2 years.  This can only mean one thing: more "Momcations"