Monday, March 31, 2014

From last Friday I think? Playing in the rain.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


We're still here--I just haven't taken my camera out much. Plus the cold weather has driven us inside again. 

We went to an amazing event on Saturday. It was a fundraiser to save the music in public schools. Ada tried out every instrument that my germaphobia could handle. We said "no!" to any instrument with a reed (sick!!!!). We aptly renamed the room showcasing the woodwinds the  "immunity room".  She spent the most time with the cello, and was a natural--just like her grandmother. It's one of my favorite instruments. Too bad I don't want to haul that thing around New York City. My mom pushed to me to play a smaller, more compact/easier to travel instrument for the exact same reason. 

Breaking up ice at the Straus Memorial with a friend after music class. She started a Dalcroze music class to get her ready for piano lessons (or possibly a piano class with 2-3 other kids) in the Fall.

Fun museum exhibits with friends (well, maybe more fun for me).  The New York Historical Society also has a great children's museum in the basement.

Bundled up at the playground. I mostly like this picture because of Joseph in the background.

And then that boy from this morning:

A tangle of long limbs.  


Joseph doesn't have many baby things left (which honestly doesn't make me sad at all. Babies are hard). 
I'm going to burn the stroller when the time comes. Freedom! 

I'm off to grab Ada from school and then to Chelsea for her weekly speech therapy. She's only been 3 times so far but there's already been a huge improvement.  I was right the entire time--she can physically say everything correctly, she's just fallen into bad habits and has never bothered correcting the way she spoke when she first started talking. So now with her "f", "v", "l" and "th" sounds cleared up she's almost understandable! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

And We're Done

36 hours later and no more diapers. Hurray for me!

And speaking of hurray. Ada shouted "Hurray!" after I told her I was going on her field trip to the zoo this week and Kyle observed, "I've never heard anyone say that [hurray] un-ironically before". 

And then my interaction with Ada yesterday that perfectly sums her up:
She told me "I love you more than anything else" followed by a quick sucker punch to my gut.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


When I was pregnant with Joseph, a woman at church gave a talk about when she found out that she was going to give birth to a baby boy. She said something along the lines of having to completely reevaluate her world view in order to learn how to be a mother to a boy.  This resonated with me so much that I almost burst into tears (If I hadn't been in public, I would have).  Thank you Joseph--for being an outlier in all of that ridiculous gender-stereotyping.  It's almost like he knew I'd have a hard time being his mother otherwise. 

Wow. That was uncharacteristically sentimental...

Joseph's little buddy Benny.

It's completely impossible to get a picture of 3 kids on swings.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This child. I had a parent/teacher conference with her pre-k teacher and she said "Ada always has a strong opinion and it's rarely an uninteresting one."  Yep. 

Walking a friend's dog. She asks for one all the time and I always tell her "But you'll have to pick up its poop with your BARE hands."  This doesn't phase her--she says she's perfectly willing to do it.

Yesterday she told me that New York City was the most special place in the whole world. I asked her why and she mumbled out some gibberish about it being where all the movies come first before everyone else gets them (which is absolutely true, but she has no actual concept of that). Then she says, "And the people who live here are more special too because they get to be here."  From the mouths of babes people, from the mouths of babes. City snobbery osmosis. 

Central Park on the most glorious of days yesterday afternoon.  The light was perfect in this little spot.

Golden halos.

The highlight of my week so far: A woman on the playground this morning taking me under her wing because she just assumes that everyone who has to apply for kindergarten in the city must be so incredibly stressed out (I'm really not). She gave me a good pep talk and ended with "I currently have cancer but I was more stressed out about kindergarten than I am now".  How's that for perspective? Worse than cancer!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Other Stuff From This Week

It's still a cold and desolate place out there in Central Park.

These guys are going the way of the dodo thanks to dang de Blasio. He sure doesn't know how to pick his battles (uh hum...charter schools...). And I'm even all about animal rights (within reason)!

The creepiest picture of the creepy MOMA statue garden. You can thank me for your nightmares.

This picture of Ada. Those Harry Potter glasses are still going strong.

The Skyscraper Museum yesterday morning. She announced "I want to go back every single Saturday", so you could say it was a hit.  They took a tour of the current exhibit on ultra-thin buildings, learned some basic architectural theory and then made "buildings" out of an outline of their bodies. The space is tiny but gorgeously designed (as it should be).

Wandering along the Battery Park pier because it was 55 degrees. Ada hiding and a tiny Lady Liberty.

So jaded.

Always finding little "treasures" at the park. She wandered around for 30 minutes today with a fluffy ball of some sort of seed aka a baby peacock.

The sandboxes have been unearthed. My least favorite part of warmer weather.

Scooting along Riverside Park.

Pinkies up.

Cool tricks.

And then this weird picture I took of Joseph eating a banana in the bathtub. My speedlight must have misfired--I don't really know exactly what happened.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Freezing Hippos

It was 35 degrees yesterday which just screams park day. It's so sad that my body has adjusted to thinking this was actually quite pleasant. And this coming from someone comfortable wearing cardigans in the middle of a hot hot summer. 

Climbing on hippos.

Hippo dentistry.

More fun with hippos and looking like my sister Annie again in the picture on the right.

Hippo wanderlust.

A quick Joseph break.

Looking pretty good in there.

Defrosting. Poor Joseph didn't realize how cold he was until his fingers/toes started to tingle as they warmed up. That really is the worst part.


Because this is one of our favorite books and Man on Wire is one of my favorite documentaries (watch it, really), I was ecstatic to see that Philippe Petit would be performing at St. John the Divine Cathedral on Saturday. It seemed like sort of a once in a lifetime opportunity, though to be honest, he is pretty impressed with himself (watch the doc). It was all part of a big festival to unveil this giant Phoenix art installation piece made out of reclaimed materials (Ada is now all about making things out of "garbage").  She cried the entire way home because we missed the jugglers. Her prayer that night,  "help me not to be so sad about missing the jugglers". 

We stumbled upon this delightful Beatrix Potter themed birthday party. We took full advantage of their cute idea before the kids showed up (and put everything back into place, of course!). 


Oh oh oh oh. The highlight of the week was after Joseph knocked down this older kid's block tower at the Children's Museum. He (the older kid) starting yelling "Damn you little kids!" over and over again as his mother  ineffectually tried to shush him. I get it man, I really do.