Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Joseph Lately

Just a few pics of Joseph from the last weekish.

Walking through Riverside Park on our way to Joseph's music class early Monday morning. The light is always so pretty here, especially with that blooming tree at the bottom of the hill.

Walking walking walking.

An umbrella on a beautiful day.

Joseph and Benson. Joseph isn't picking two gorgeous daffodils in their prime of life (one for each hand). Don't even worry about it.

Watching the taxis zip by (he actually calls them "abs").

And then this thrown in of Erinn, because Benson often prefers to ride like that. It needed to be documented.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Stuffs

From the past week or so.

The Children's Glade in Central Park. Joseph loves flowers. He prefers to have one in each hand and he'll carry them around gently all day.

More  playgrounds. Our mornings in Central Park all just kind of blend into each other (we are so spoiled...)

Megan's Annie.  She's over a  year younger than Joseph but he still calls her "baby" even though they are currently about the same size (!!!).  Love her. (He just saw this picture and said "Baby in a boat". He's now speaking in complete sentences.)

Exploring 19th Century ships Saturday morning at the South Street Seaport Ship Museum.  We were practically the only ones there. 

Ship masts and city skyline.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

NYC Easter Bonnet Parade 2014

These are hopefully the last set of pictures of Ada in her hotdog costume (until Halloween--though I'm hoping she forgets about it by then). She also insisted on wearing a santa hat with bunny ears so she was really going for a secular but also super-Christian kind of thing. I warned her that people would want to take pictures of her/with her but she wouldn't have any of it. She told about 60 people "no". I'm not really sure what her motivation was since she didn't appreciate the attention. When you ask her why she likes that costume she says "because it's funny".  Maybe she wants you to take it for granted that it's funny and just leave her alone?  Not sure.


Sucking down a shamelessly price-gouged milkshake.

I told her she had to take a picture with ONE other person. She chose the beer girls. I figured that was an apt choice for a hotdog.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt in Central Park

Here are some schizophrenic pictures from our Easter egg hunt last Saturday morning in Central Park. I don't hate Joseph (or Kyle). Joseph was sick the entire weekend and Kyle stayed home with him, so they aren't in any of these pictures. I also somehow semi-accidentally managed to make it look there were only 5 other children involved in this hunt (there were actually about 30-35 plus adults).

Mim and Ada. Wheeling and dealing (and basically wearing the same thing).

Eliot, Ada and Simon

Chasing ducks (how did I get this?)

Holy May beauty. This might be my favorite picture from the day.

I found out that I was pregnant with Ada the day May was born (right before I visited her in the hospital).  Then exactly 9 months later, May came to visit Ada in the hospital (does that math work?). Such special little friends.

Lou: those lips and eyelashes.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Botanical Gardens/Brooklyn Museum/Prospect Park

I took Ada on another date Thursday afternoon. We've had a blast during her spring break but I think we'll both be happy when she returns to school tomorrow morning. 

First up, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens:

Then a quick drive-by the Swoon: Submerged Motherlands Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Gorgeous.

Then to Prospect Park and the Zucker National Exploration Area. That is seriously the most amazing playground. I took Joseph there last year--pics here.  Ada was, of course, in heaven.

I always thing that Prospect Park feels like Central Park's wild younger sister. Everything isn't perfectly manicured and a bit unexpected. 

Ada's face got run over by a bike at the playground. And because the girl didn't stop and apologize, Ada assumes she did it on purpose. So sad.

So serious...

Inside her teepee.

Prospect Park--where you don't feel bad about picking the flowers.

Seriously busted up. 1 week later and you wouldn't even know. That kid has some serious healing super powers.