Sunday, May 18, 2014

More Joseph + flower pictures. I know. I know. But they just make him so dang happy (and there are a few of him with sunglasses and ball so they aren't completely a broken record...).

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Favorites Lately

These two books:

The Watermelon Seed, by Greg Pizzoli 
I only picked this up because I was at a Caldecott Award book signing and they happened to be doing the Theodor Suess Geisel awards winners too. It's got great illustrations, the story is short and sweet and Ada thinks it's hilarious. Win win.

And then this one! Oh man am I a sucker for a good French illustrator. This book is basically my dream come true. And the subject matter also hits close to home for me. I'm sure a lot of people have a hard time with the concept of "infinity", but I was  strangely obsessed with it when I was younger. I used to sit around thinking about no end/no beginning until I got a funny feeling in my stomach.  If I sit still and think about it now I can sometimes conjure up the same feeling.  

I mean...come on. Look at this illustration!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Park Pics

I'm getting a little "Springed Out". It'll be a relief when the weather is consistently nice so I won't feel like I have to take advantage of every.little.second.   

this picture of Ada.

more flowers. (they were drying out and dying. I figured he'd enjoy them more than anyone else. I typically steer him towards the dandelions.)

Apparently, BRF is genetic.

Aways running away.

Joseph was into it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

I'm not the biggest fan of any of these pictures because it's hard not to be disappointed by how terrible the light situation was. Direct sun through those dark branches, causing lots of crazy shadows down below the blossoms (and the fact that both people who offered to take pictures of me and Joseph together had no idea what they were doing. One guy even had a fancy camera/tripod set up).  Oh well. What can you do?  We got to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens right when it opened, ran down to the cherry esplanade and had the place to ourselves for a blessed 10 minutes. 

 I look like my mom here? In hindsight, I probably would have taken a shower and not worn a baseball cap (even though a hat is going to be a necessity this summer due to the ultra sensitive skin on my face). Still fun to have a picture with Joseph though. I don't have many.

Cursed sun!

Matching "Sweet" eyes.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Met Roofgarden + Sheep Meadow

I think this was last Tuesday.

Picking flowers on the walk over.

Checking out a map of the museum.

We went to see this installation.  Don't touch the art! Oops.


That's our reflection in the glass (along with the city skyline). It's awesome, ok?

Well if that isn't the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

I loved this girl. She started playing "If You Wish Upon a Star" when we stopped to listen.

I think this certifies as an official "frolic through Sheep Meadow".

Monday, May 12, 2014

Catch Up

I'm behind on pictures. These are from a couple of Saturdays ago. We were on our way up to a little street fair in Morningside Heights and stopped off at the St. John the Divine Cathedral grounds.  

tiny girls.

The secret garden.

Ada and her dad.


My beauties.

Leann's beauties.