Monday, September 28, 2015

September So Far

I haven't taken many pictures of my kids this month but this is long overdue.

Down by the pond in Central Park


Jessie and Jon came to visit.  It's amazing how few visitors we get. It's freaking NYC people!  I didn't really take any pictures, but she did a good job recapping. The absolute highlight for me was this show. Two guys,  alone on a stage with nothing but a few crappy props, performing Jurassic Park scene by scene. It was so so good.  And I mean--that's some serious effort. It was worth it just for that.

The Whitney and matching BRF.

Joseph started preschool with the cutest teacher at some point. 2 mornings a week. Here he is "winking" again.

And thank goodness this one started too. It was a pretty intense countdown to the first day of first grade.

And then we schlepped all the way to Greenpoint for this. It was actually worth it!  All 29 rooms were designed by women so...Girl Power. Completely interactive and fun.

Shayla and Norah

Mike Kelley's latest exhibit. (I should really start watching for those explicit content warnings and stop taking my kids to scary things).

Crazy kids.

Joseph picked out his Halloween costume this year.

And then taking it full circle back to the pond in Central Park this morning. 

He held still for a rare split second.