Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall 2015: Part 2

Halloween 2015. The one good thing about my dad showing Ada the first Harry Potter movie (WAY too scary), is that she switched from Elsa to Hermione. Worth it!

Ada, May and Joseph ringing their only doorbell of the night.

Tired dinosaur.

Central Park fall foliage crawl with Joseph who was super impressed (this was over several days).

The Conservatory Garden. I was not expecting these wildflowers at all. Gorgeous.

Bow Bridge

Fall 2015: Part 1

The Bronx Botanical Garden. We schlepped all the way for the Frida exhibit (which was major meh).

Little woodland gnome friends having tea in a magical setting.

Norah is so adorable it can hardly be standed:

Pumpkin nap.

This utterly delightful child.

Joseph as Mr. Robot on the way home.

DisneyWorld last week:

Animal Kingdom with my Ma and Pa. Ada to my dad "You look like skinny Santa".

She's so excited!

So proud of his part in the play.

I really am kind of a sucker for Magic Kingdom. The cynic in me just flies right out the door.

Joseph picked out the best souvenir. We had to sacrifice quite a lot for it (bases on its size). Almost as much as those make-your-own light sabers we got both of them. Best/worst idea of the week.

Caption contest!