Monday, December 28, 2015

Fall 2015: Part 4

Ada's first lost tooth (she's since lost the other front bottom one). Loose teeth seriously creep me out. 

Picking out our Christmas tree on the corner right outside of our building. Lazy people can't beat that.

Graffiti tunnels

Gallery crawl. I've been running around the city even more frantically than usual because of this new project. And yes--it's supposed to be funny. It started out as an idea with a friend to map out the City's best "selfie spots" but that seemed too gross so we went with the most "instagrammable" spots instead (which is maybe essentially the same thing). Because...It's the future. Of everything: art exhibits, advertising, events, you name it! Does it look good on social media! Then do it!

Mona Lisa/Jeff Koons/us

I lost no less than 2 Instagram followers after I posted this:

It's a good thing I never posted this one:

Smack Mellon in DUMBO

Target's Wonderland with Erinn and her boys. They came back to visit and all it did was remind me how much I miss them. Sad face.

Every kid's dream right there.

Iceskating at the Standard Hotel right under the Highline.

He fell down a thousand times but always picked himself up with a smile.

Reflections at the Whitney.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fall 2015: Part 3

Bubbles at Bethesda Fountain.

Kyle's brother and Dad came to visit. He wanted a pic with my kids. Yep--that's accurate. 

Row boats in Central Park.

Kyle and his younger brother Jeff. So romantic

The whole crew (Ada and I had to disembark for a party).

DUMBO rainbow wall.

Throwing rocks under the Brooklyn Bridge.

This still makes me laugh. "We need to help Mickey!" The fact that this happened a mere week after our Disney World trip just makes it that much sweeter.

Star Wars obsession (who doesn't?)

The Natural History Museum.

Each of those eggs is made of glass and worth $250. Imagine our (mine and the gallery worker's) horror when Joseph took off and nimbly tip-toed his way into the very middle of that room (with nary an egg broken!). Sorry for the heart attack Kate Werble!

The Museum of Feelings (aka: a giant Glade advertisement)

Pre Big Apple Circus Show

Post circus pony ride.

Kyle with his crazies

Lincoln Center