Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Winter: Part 1

Children's Museum of the Arts. We have spent ENTIRE days here. 

Joseph's self portrait at the Clay Bar. Nice tan buddy.


Best show for kids. He's playing those video games.

Dancing Robot at the Sony Wonder Lab. It's a travesty it just shut down.

Library fatigue (and envy) at the Morgan.

Museum of Moving Image.

Little buddy Norah

Funny cat videos

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

December 2016

I'm so far behind on this thing I hardly know where to start. Here are a ton of iPhone pics with very little description and possibly not even in order.
Joseph was asked to bring a picture of himself into preschool and this is what he picked.

The Plaza Santa

Martin Creed at Gavin Brown Enterprises. Possibly the most fun art exhibit ever conceived?

Static hair 

1st grade picture. It's a winner.

Train scavenger hunt at the NY Historical Society. It was hard.

Steam Punk exhibit at Barbara Gladstone.

The Bryant Park Carousel

Who's the happiest for Christmas?

My mom was here and this forced hug is the only evidence of it.

New Year's wishes on the Times Square Wishing Wall.