Saturday, March 11, 2017

Phone Picture Dump 1

Since I'm on a blogging roll--going through the pics on my phone from the last year. Lots of pictures, many that I never did anything with. If I can remember locations off the top of my head, I'll include them, otherwise nope.  Not willing to put much more effort into it...

Optical illusion at El Barrio Museum.

Bortolami Gallery.

David Zwirner

All time favorite at Smack Mellon. Sheets of tulle with a video of electricity projected across them. 

Snow storm from last January.

Book lover.

David Zwirner

Catinca Tabaru

Family art selfie.

Pace Gallery

Ada and May


Cooper Hewitt Design Show.

Children's Museum

Hotel rooftop swimming.

Samsung 837

Alexander Grey Associates

Feeding live birds.

Children's Museum of the Arts.

The new Oculus downtown.

Spring/Break art show last year.

failed photobooth attempt. Kyle's face is too big to fit anyone else in.

The Invisible Dog

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